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HER Story

Meet CEO/ Founder Nicole Anderson

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About us

why we wine

From working full-time jobs, building empires and raising the next generation...we stay on our grind. However, oftentimes we are so busy giving ourselves to others that we neglect ourselves. HER Wine is a brand dedicated to bringing serenity and peace in those small moments when you need to relax. 


HER Wine x I Will Survive

Fighting Cancer one bottle at a time

In January 2022, I began my Breast Cancer journey that would forever change my life. It is with God's grace that I was able to beat Breast Cancer and be with you today!  Now that I am able, I wanted to find a way to help other women on this journey. Organizations like I will Surivie, help provide economic and emotional support for women during this fight. That is why we have partnered with them to highlight this disease and offer more opportunities for wellness checks and prevention. HER wine is proud to partner with I will Survive and we pledge to donate 10% of each of our Bubbly Rose' wines to the IWS organization. Help us support the cause by purchasing your bottle today. 


what people are saying


"Sweet with a subtle peach flavor, Finally After 5 is my new favorite wine!"


"Mama Needs a Break is the ONLY red wine I drink"


"HER Wine is on my grocery list, it's my favorite wine!"

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