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God Did! Overcoming Cancer...

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Wow, I can't believe that we are officially in October, fall is here! This is my favorite time of the year, to be honest. There is something about the change of seasons that you can feel in the air, especially in the fall. Change is something I have been dealing with a lot recently, in fact, "change" has become the theme of the year.

This year, I have been undergoing the most change I have ever experienced in my life, from spiritually to physically. This year I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Yes, at 31 years of age, with no prior family history. Imagine the shock... the news hit me like a brick. I was stage 2 and told I had an aggressive form of cancer that required immediate chemotherapy, followed by surgery, and finally radiation. Whew...if that tired you out from reading it, trust me you are not alone. My body has been through the wringer and my spirit has been fighting as well. There were many times this year when my future was uncertain, moments when I wanted to give up, and times when I had to lay it all on the altar for God because I had given all I could. But I am here to say # GODDID. I pushed through the pain, pushed through the sadness, the anger, and the feelings of giving up. I did my internal soul work and found my strength. I identified my purpose and realized GOD wouldn't bring me up against something that he knew I couldn't handle. I found my happy again and learned to love myself and appreciate life so much more. This journey hasn't been an easy one but it's been the most rewarding. This year the highs have outmatched the lows with no comparison!

- We participated in 2 major Wine festivals this year (Atlanta and DC)

- Was the official wine sponsor for New York Fashion Week

- We found distribution with a black-owned veteran -owned distributor (Kelly Family Distributors)

- we are officially in stores, hotels, and restaurants in the city of Atlanta!

- we are releasing 2 NEW wines this month! A Sparkling Riesling and Sparkling Rose'

- Partnered with I Will Survive Inc to generate more awareness around Breat Cancer Prevention.

And all of this while going through this cancer journey. So I say all of this to say. No matter what struggles you may be going through, even in your darkest hour when all hope is gone and you feel like you are about to lose it all. Just know sometimes the things that we think are designed for our fall are truly the building blocks to our future. There is a silver lining in every situation, you just have to seek it out and you will find it.

Keep your faith high and remember you got this, you are stronger than you realize and no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

With much love,

Nicole Anderson

CEO/Founder HER Wine

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