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Self Care isn't Selfish

It's interesting that as women, we so easily nurture and pour into others and seemingly neglect and put ourselves last simultaneously! As many of you know my fight with Breast Cancer started in 2022 and ended last year. I am so grateful, but one of the biggest lessons I learned was the importance of creating intentional self-care practices. Whether it's going to the gym at least 3x a week, cooking more, quarterly facials, or making time to spend with my family and friends, this is the season to take back control of my life and enter into my "soft life era". Now people hear the term "soft life" and often ask me what that means. To me "soft life" is the season where we learn to accept help, where we lean on our resources to work smarter not harder, where we attract things to our lives versus always "hustling" to receive. "Soft life" is learning to prioritize myself first and slowly peel off the "superwoman cape" I've been wearing for decades.

Ladies, it's time to reclaim our lives and put ourselves first. You can't show up as the best version of yourself when you're drained, tired, and burnt out. Do it for yourself and ultimately you are doing it for your family, friends, and passions too.

We all get to a point in life where we hit burnout. That point where you feel like you are losing your passion, don't have as much clarity, or worse, lose the will to push forward. But this is the beginning of a season where we begin to change the narrative. Find yourself again by taking time to learn who you are. Indulge in things that make you happy and take time for YOU. Be selfish sis, and without the guilt. Take time for yourself this year and watch how your life transforms. You'll be amazed at how much lighter you feel, the peace you experience,and the happiness that will flow into your life.

Take time for yourself this season. Cheers to the Soft Life!

Join me for the Ultimate Self Care Tour - HER Time Away Starting Feb 24th!

Lovingly Yours,

Nicole Anderson

Founder of HER Wine

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