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Soft Life Me Please!

Happy New Year My loves! While 2022 seemed to have sped by to so many, for me, this year was slow and intentional. As I reflect back on my journey, I am so amazed at all of the highs and the lows. This year I faced my own mortality when diagnosed with an aggressive form of Breast Cancer, I fought for my life more than I have ever had to. I dealt with heartbreak as I maneuvered the end of a relationship in the midst of my treatments. I battled thoughts of letting go and giving up as I struggled to balance building my business while battling cancer, not wanting to miss a beat and let this disease stop my grind.

And yet... despite the challenges, the heartbreak, the fighting, God found fit to still sprinkle in so many blessings along the way. HER Wine went to its first wine festival in Atlanta, I hosted my first series of private wine tastings and then took it public, then we traveled to DC to share HER wine at another festival! Had the pleasure of being the sponsored wine for Dr. Heavenly of Married to Medicine who LOVES HER Wine. Had the opportunity to share HER Wine with Yandy of The Real Housewives. Sponsored Dr. Jackie's Breast Cancer Golf Tournament AND New York Fashion Week! Ran through a heavy downpour to make an opportunity to meet and gift BSimone with a few bottles. We won Best Spirit with Taste Urban Atlanta and Won Gold and Silver medals at the Proof Awards in Vegas! Launched two NEW Wines!! I signed on with Kelly Family Distributors and I am also officially in stores across Atlanta!!! I released an amazing documentary with Monty Angelo Productions that I hope helps others find their joy along the journey. I traveled the world the moment I was cleared to go out of the country (which took a lot of persuading to my doctors LOL), I spent quality time with my family and friends and really connected with them. I felt love on the deepest levels from my circle that replenished me and fueled me to fight. I BEAT CANCER!!! But my biggest win this year was that I found my joy and lived one of the happiest years I ever have.

My message to all who are reading this is that life will continue to "life". Every challenge we face ultimately is an opportunity for us to lean into God and harness the power of our faith. I have manifested the most beautiful things in 2022 and it was all due to staying faithful & focused.

I am so grateful for each and every one of you. For every message, love note, DM, purchase, follow and share on social. It's because of YOU... your love, your encouragement, and your support that I am here with you today.

Life will never be the same for me, fighting through cancer changes your perspective and for me, that means leading a softer life, a life of ease and peace. So as we start into 2023, I encourage you to find your theme for the year. Are you focusing on the grind, or are you looking for peace, whatever you may find in your heart, lean into it. You deserve nothing but the best God has to offer and it starts from within.

With much love and appreciation,

Nicole Anderson

Founder/CEO of HER Wine

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