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  • Life of Ease

    Every month
    Perfect for the woman that knows how to plan for her much deserved "me-time" away.
     30 day free trial
    • Earn 2 Credits Monthly: Just 8 credits to unlock a tour!
    • Book Anytime: Your next escape awaits whenever you're ready.
    • Priority Stand-by Seating: Grab a spot with priority access!
    • Cancel Anytime: Change plans freely, no hassle, no stress.
    • Exclusive Partner Offers: Exclusive promotions and deals!
  • Soft Life Era

    Every month
    Perfect for the woman in her Soft Girl Season and knows she deserves to treat HERself
     30 day free trial
    • Earn 4 Credits Monthly: For quicker access to your time away
    • Book Anytime: Schedule when it suits you.
    • Guaranteed Spot: Your seat is always reserved. Book Anytime.
    • Flexible Cancellation: Change plans freely, no worries.
    • VIP Wellness Bag: Premium bag filled with self-care treats
    • Special Deals: Exclusive promotions and partner deals
  • Reclaim My Time

    Every month
    Perfect for the woman that prioritizes her self care and believes it is a necessity
     30 day free trial
    • 8 Credits/Month: Quick path to self-care. Book Immediately!
    • Book Anytime: Freedom to schedule when you desire.
    • Cancel Anytime: Flexibility to adjust plans without hassle.
    • VIP Seating: Guaranteed VIP Seating and Booking Priority.
    • VIP Wellness Bag: Enjoy a premium bag of self-care treats!
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