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I Almost Relapsed...

 I almost relapsed...Yep, you read that right, As we started ramping up in 2024, I found myself falling back into old habits (pre-BC)... I was moving too fast, getting caught back into the wave of events and tradeshows and I realized I was starting to feel that creeping feeling of stress and anxiety as my calendar was filling up faster than I could manage. In that moment, I felt God nudge me as if to say "Remember what I taught you"... so I took a moment to reflect and I decided that this year I am going to make self-care a priority. I launched HER Time Away - A Self-Care Tour, to make intentional time for us (together) to take a moment to pause, breathe, and refill our OWN CUPS. No more pouring from an empty barrel, pushing past burnout, and putting ourselves last, this year we are being INTENTIONAL with our "Me-Time". So Join me each month for a unique experience of indulgence in luxury self-care.

Last month, we spent the morning enjoying brunch with DJ Waffles, we took our sprinter to our first stop Graze Craze in Midtown, and made the cutest Charcuterie Boards, including the Kiwi Crowns and Salami roses from Tik Tok! We then took a ride and talked about self-love with Dr. M the Love Doctor, who hosted our Girl Chat and offered personal relationship advice to each of us, we spent the afternoon with Judith of J Luxe Brands and made the BEST scented candles, we even got to decorate them with flowers and glitter. She made us margaritas and we vibed out and partied our way back to our pick-up location.

Next up for Women's History Month, I am excited to partner with Gwen of Liquid Distributors to offer a cocktail class with brunch and an afternoon at the Platinum Day Spa!

Hope you can join me as reclaim our time in the good words of our Auntie Maxine Waters ;)

See you there!


Dr. Nicole Anderson

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