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OMG, We hit a Milestone!!!

Congratulations, HER Nation! We've reached over 6,000 followers! I'm overjoyed to share that our community is flourishing, thanks to your unwavering support. When HER Wine was born in 2020, my dream was to craft a brand that resonated with women everywhere, one glance at the bottle and you'd feel the connection.

Our journey led to the creation of "Finally After 5," a tribute to my career girlies pursuing their passions, "A Toast to Me," celebrating every victory, big or small, and "Mama Needs a Break," inspired by my mother and besties, who are all phenomenal moms to my godchildren. (I may still be in my Rich Auntie phase LOL) , but this collection is made by an everyday woman for the everyday woman, because, let's face it, we are the real influencers.

So, here's to us hitting 6k! We're on a mission to unite 10,000 women dedicated to self-care, 10,000 strong, making deliberate time for themselves, 10,000 embodying the spirit of HER.

Cheers, my loves! Onward to our next milestone!

ps. Mama Needs a Break is on its way back!! Stay tuned for an exciting update on it's long - awaited return :)


Dr. Nicole Anderson

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