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HER Wine Takes Home the Gold!

It's 2023 and we are already coming in HOT! I am so excited to announce that HER Wine entered our very first wine and spirit competition. Truth be told I was nervous. The Pr%F Awards are one of the largest wine and spirit competitions. Matching up against major brands like Uncle Nearest and D'usse! So you can imagine my delight and amazement when I found out we won 2 awards Gold and Silver for the two brands I submitted!! WOW! Words can't express the gratitude I feel. We are officially award-winning!!! And we aren't stopping here, I can't wait to submit the rest of our wines to be tasted and shared around the nation and eventually around the world!

Please help me share the word, by sharing this news with your family and friends!

View all of the 2022 Winners!

We are going all the way up!!!

Love Always,

Nicole Anderson

CEO/ Founder HER Wine

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